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In representing the senior field of competence deriving from the institute´s roots as first German leather institute, research activities are focused on the whole process of manufacturing technology: New, sustainable leather technologies, biogenic auxiliaries, closed material cycles or the reuse of waste are some of the topics. Therefore, research works comprise fundamental approaches but also optimisation concepts for technologies, formulations and auxiliaries.

FILK researches and develops new materials from collagen as well as process technology for these materials. These processes are accompanied with specific analytical methods in biochemistry, cell culture, collagen analysis, microbiology.

In the field of leather analysis and characterisation, methods are searched for answering questions not easily solved with standardised analytical methods, e.g. determination of tanning technology, behaviour under climate change with recording of force and length meassurement values, permeability for water vapour in varying climate.

The institute´s accredited test lab is a reliable partner of the leather industry and their customers from the automotive, upholstery and shoe industry. The high material competence in leather ensures high-quality testing and analysis services, which comprise a wide range of physical and chemical test methods. Next to standardized tests in accordance with all current standardization organizations (ISO, EN, DIN etc.), FILK provides a wide range of tests according to technical delivery specifications of all major European automobile manufacturers.  Material failure analysis and expertise are further services offered by the test lab.

FILK as an established material research and testing institute of the tanning and leather industry is a member of the OEKO-TEX® community and offers tests and certification according to the LEATHER STANDARD by OEKO-TEX®.

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