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TÜV SÜD has a global network of around 30 testing laboratories for leather and textiles. The services offered comprise physical tests as well as chemical analyses. In addition to product testing, TÜV SÜD’s experts carry out pre-shipment inspections on-site and offer auditing and certification in accordance with all major national and international standards. By providing these services, the international services corporation of TÜV SÜD supports manufacturers and exporters in meeting the quality and safety standards of all major markets, and assists purchasing agents in global sourcing activities.

The production of just one pair of shoes may involve over 100 steps of work and a host of materials, including textiles, leather, wood, plastics, and metal. The complexity of shoes and leather goods such as handbags poses further challenges for both manufacturers and distributors, who need to make sure that no potentially hazardous chemicals will be used during the life cycle of their products. Growing concerns by various parties, including NGOs, over the chemical safety of shoes and leather goods have caused governments to respond by establishing stricter regulations, which––to make matters worse––may even vary between individual countries.

TÜV SÜD’s certification procedure is a comprehensive multistage process in which the manufacturer’s sourcing and production operations are evaluated along the value chain. TÜV SÜD also offers product testing for shoes in accordance with other certification schemes, including:

  • CE marking
  • China’s GB standards
  • GOST certification in Russia
  • KC mark in Korea

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Official congress Speaker

For us, as a globally operating third-party testing and certification organization, the IULTCS Congress offers an ideal platform for discussing the current state of the art in leather production and leather processing as well as the associated environmental and sustainability challenges, and for comparing and aligning them to the interests and needs of our global customers. We regard our debut at the IULTCS Congress as the start of a longer-term commitment in this multistage industry.