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Stahl is the market leader in surface treatment and coating solutions for flexible materials, including leather. Stahl offers a wide range of solutions to the automotive, apparel & accessories, home interior and leisure & lifestyle industry. Stahl’s innovative products give the ultimate level of appeal, functionality, durability and comfort, while reducing environmental impact. Although they do not realize it, hundreds of millions of people around the world touch and use Stahl products every day.
When it comes to sustainability, Stahl’s goal is to promote transparency and reduce the environmental footprint of the supply chain for flexible materials and leather.
Stahl’s responsibilities do not start and end at their factory gates. For example, Stahl advocates the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Methodology in leather manufacturing and explains how the leather processing industry can use it. The methodology measures the impact of leather manufacturing on the environment. In addition, the company created Stahl Campus®: a global knowledge centre where tanners, brands, manufacturers and others are invited to join and strengthen their knowledge of the leather sector and sustainability through training.
Stahl’s R&D staff is focused on developing more durable solutions, such as Stahl EasyWhite Tan™. This technology lowers the carbon footprint and raw material usage of leather production thanks to significant water and energy savings compared to conventional tanning technologies. Another example is Polymatte®; the matt coating resin based on rapeseed oil instead of petroleum (very low VOC).
With more than 2,000 employees, at 13 manufacturing sites and 38 application labs in 24 countries, Stahl is always close to its customers.

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Official congress Speaker

We’re excited to be a sponsor at the IULTCS conference this year. As a leading chemical company we’re always eager to learn about new developments in the industry and at the same time sharing our own experiences on improving the environmental footprint of the industry. We’re looking forward to be part of the congress.