Mimosa Extract Company (Pty) Ltd

(Tanning Chemicals & Auxiliaries)

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Mimosa Extract Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of NTE Company (Pty) Ltd who is the world’s foremost and one of the largest producers of wattle vegetable tannins and has been reliably serving the Leather Industry for the past 99 years.
Natural tannin is extracted from the bark of the Black Wattle tree (Acacia Mearnsii), a species indigenous to Australia, which is grown on a 10-year cycle by the companies’ shareholders and suppliers from sustainably managed and environmentally friendly carbon negative plantations in South Africa. Being a legume, the tree enriches the soil with nitrogen preventing denudation of the soils over time.
The various “Mimosa” branded products produced by the company are suitable for use in all types of leather tanning from full vegetable tanning, retannage and retannage of chrome leather to automotive leathers. A huge variety of finished leather products can be made with our products. Our products and their use are supported by our well trained and experienced Technicians.
We are proud to support the work of the IULTCS in bringing together all players in the industry to share their idea’s and look for advancements in technology, chemistry and the science of leather to make our world a better place.

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