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INCOTEC GMBH - digital solutions for the future of our customers

INCOTEC is based as a medium-sized company in Bielefeld (Germany) and Bangkok (Thailand). The family owned firm brings intelligence into processes and products for different industries - focussing on automation, testing systems and solutions for Industry 4.0 / Internet of Things.

Furthermore, the portfolio includes own products for control systems and testing technology. With a cross-technological competence in both HARDWARE Engineering as well as SOFTWARE Engineering, INCOTEC can call itself a digital pioneer with over 30 years of experience. One of the most famous products is TanWare®.

Since the beginning, the leather industry was one of the main areas to work with. The product portfolio TANWARE® provides stand-alone or fully integrated systems for wet process automation, hide measuring of area and thickness, as well as hide classification and sorting.

Nowadays we are presenting the product generation: TanWare® 5G. Therewith we offer state of the art technology. Our system can be delivered as a complete or stand-alone version for different areas. Tailored to your needs. First information can be found on our website

Products and services:

  • TanWare AQUA: Precise Water Mixing
  • TanWare AQUA+: Precise Water Mixing plus Chemicals
  • TanWare CHEM / E: Economic Chemical Dosing
  • TanWare CHEM / G: Gravimetric Chemical Dosing
  • TanWare CHEM / V: Volumetric Chemical Dosing
  • TanWare DRUM: Advanced Drum Control
  • TanWare DRUM / E: Economic Drum Control
  • TanWare DRUM / B: Basic Drum Control
  • TanWare DRUM / L: Laboratory Drum Control
  • TanWare GUARD: The Tannery Bodyguard
  • TanWare LINK: Linking Customer Systems
  • TanWare MASTER: Mastering Data and Planning
  • TanWare MESSENGER: Keeping you Informed
  • TanWare PH: pH Supervision and Recording
  • TanWare ROUTER: Safe Realtime Communication
  • TanWare SCALE: Supervised Chemical Weighing
  • TanWare SENSE: Wirelesse Sensing & Control
  • TanWare SENSE / R: Wireless Drum Rotation
  • TanWare SENSE / RS: Wireless Drum Rotation & Sensing
  • TanWare SENSE / RSC: Wireless Drum Rotation, Sensing & Control
  • TanWare STOR: Intelligent Chemical Storage
  • TanWare TANK: Convenient Preptank Operation
  • TanWare VISUAL: Visualizing the Tannery
  • TanWare BLUE: Hide Measurements and Classification
  • TanWare BLUE / S: Hide Thickness Monitoring
  • TanWare CRUST: Hide Measurements and Classification
  • TanWare LIME: Hide Measurements and Classification
  • TanWare SORT: Advanced Hide Sorting

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    Official congress Speaker

    As a family business which was founded in 1986 and is still strongly rooted in the german tanning industry, we are glad to be a part of the IULTCS World Congress 2019, taking place in Dresden. It is an excellent opportunity to present our innovations for the leather industry to an international audience and share the richness of our digital solutions with passionate representatives of the leather business.