(Tanning Chemicals & Auxiliaries)

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A great company, a great group

Gsc Group, a leading Italian company in chemical products for the tanning industry, operates in the tannery district of Arzignano (VI): the largest global center of tanneries.

For over forty years it has developed innovative systems for the sector, as well as a complete range of products that meet even the most complex requirements.

Pursuing a growth and investment policy, the company covers an overall area of 20.000 square meters with an annual production of 31.000 tons in liquids, powders and pigments. These productions are sustained by green energy: in fact, GSC Group has a solar power plant of 6.000 square meters in line with a concept of eco-friendly development.

Gsc Group can count on a highly qualified staff of over 150 people that includes a team of highly professional and creative researchers and competent technicians with great experience for any kind of assistance besides a network of agents and distributors in 52 countries.

Today the company is a leading company on the Italian market and confirmed internationally , recognized by its customers for the high-added value of its technical-applicative solutions for the tanning industry

Established through its ongoing research and development of high added value and quality chemical products, the company has founded its philosophy on the production of always new and eco-friendly products to best meet the demands of a continuously evolving market.
The qualification and professionalism of the staff is guaranteed by continuous updating and by investments concerning environmental sustainability, to keep providing cutting edge technical solutions to meet the diverse issues of customers and an excellent technical after sales service.

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