(Tanning Chemicals & Auxiliaries)

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FGL International was set up specifically to produce auxiliary chemical tanning products with a high added value.

FGL International has a flexible production structure composed of qualified professionals designed to operate efficiently on the various international markets. FGL International produces a full range of innovative and effective chemical products for tanning, re-tanning and dyeing. 
FGL International’s production plants, directly connected with its highly technological R&D labs, have enabled a rationalization of production processes and flexibility, the key tools for rapidly responding to individual needs.

FGL International’s R&D lab and the experimental tannery work in close cooperation to ensure products suitability for tanning, retanning, dyeing and fat liquoring. The efficiency of the formulations and methods adopted is then transferred to the customer and approved for its production process.

The leather industry has a very important role in international business and this congress will explore its great developments and improvements in environmental responsibility and sustainability, technology advancements and other related issues, focusing on how the leather industry will respond to current and future challenges. We live in an era of science, innovation, of advancement of all technologies – why should leather not also? Few companies have the desire to share their knowledge, scared in this world of global competition, our strategy is different, we learn and then spread our knowledge, these are the reasons why FGL International has decided to participate as a “Silver Business Partnership” in support of the XXXV IULTCS  to be held in June 2019 in Dresden, Germany, where the leading experts in our sector will gather and present their technical and scientific research

FGL International considers this event to be of the highest importance, creating an environment where active exchange of information, knowledge and new technologies generate excellence.

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