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Founded in Barcelona in 1942, Cromogenia Units came to be as a family business that later achieved an international presence with customers and factories on all the continents. Cromogenia Units develops and manufactures a wide variety of specialty chemicals, but its Leather Divison plays a special role. Over the last 75 years of history, Cromogenia has emerged as a leading company in the sector, putting faith in its R&D to improve processes and products, but also promoting clean technologies. To this end, the company’s Leather Division is working to develop sustainable and environmentally friendly products in all stages of the tanning process, from beamhouse to finishing.

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Official congress Speaker

Chemical companies that specialize in the leather industry, like Cromogenia Units, have the obligation to strive to focus their business activities on a sustainable future in which their mark on the environment is minimal and where their commitments to quality and to nature are in balance. To achieve this, these companies need to do research –that is true– but also to share, compare, and discuss their knowledge in order to make the path global. And, the best context in which to achieve this is, without a doubt, through international meetings and conferences like the IULTCS, which Cromogenia Units is proud to participate in as a member.