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The Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industry (CICB) has been working as the official representative body of all Brazilian tanners for 60 years, promoting the sector in the domestic and international markets. The entity pursues the sustainable growth of the segment, while maintaining high standards of professional qualification, health and safety and technological improvement.

CICB, the Centre for the Brazilian Leather Industry, is running various initiatives that promote the image and awareness of the Brazilian leather industry commercially and institutionally within a varied strategic public all over the world. Through planned actions, the national tannery industry has been able to expand market – with exports to almost hundred nations -, grown in numbers and technologically developed with positive concept in the most demanding global markets, in addition to contributing to the economy of the country.

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Official congress Speaker

As it is our statutory mission to enhance the advancement and awareness of the Brazilian leather industry. Dresden 2019 will be an excellent opportunity to meet and network with the European leather industry and their customers such as the automotive and upholstery industry, luxury brands and retailers in order to promote the Brazilian leather industry. Dresden is supposed to be baroque and picturesque and full of history which is an additional benefit to the congress.