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BUCKMAN - Chemistry, conected.

Buckman is the industry leader in microorganism-control programs and our diverse portfolio includes superior beamhouse and tanyard systems, along with wet-end and finishing applications that optimize performance and meet fashion requirements through all phases of the leather-making process. Buckman believes in providing the latest and best industry knowledge and expertise to enhance the customer experience. This ‘Leatherforward Thinking’ underpins our collaborative problem-solving approach and the belief that understanding the science and technology of leather manufacturing can truly lead to increasingly consistent and higher performance products.

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Official congress Speaker

The IULTCS has a strong record of providing global knowledge leadership for the leather industry and the IULTCS World Congress is a key platform for bringing industry experts together to share new insights and opportunities for furthering the leather industry scientifically, technically, environmentally and economically. Buckman is especially proud to have had our very own Dr. Elton Hurlow as an IULTCS past President in 2008-2009 and look forward to continuing our strong partnership with IULTCS as Buckman’s Dr. Luis Zugno takes the reigns in 2020.