ATC Tannery Chemicals

(Tanning Chemicals & Auxiliaries)

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ATC Tannery Chemicals  have worked for over 40 years producing speciality chemicals, from Beamhouse to Finishing and offering technological concepts to provide our partner tanners with the means to meet the important challenges of innovation and environmental regulations.

Our research teams and our technicians are fully invested in these missions. ATC works exclusively with the leather industry.

We invest continually to help us lead innovation, improve quality and boost production capacities.

Supported by a global network, ATC has a presence in over 45 countries, we share our outstanding wealth of experience to meet the needs of our partner tanners.

ATC is and always will be committed to you and the leather industry at large.

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Official congress Speaker

ATC Tannery Chemicals have supported IULTCS for many years, our founder Jean-Pierre Gualino has been an active member of the executive committee for 20 years and continues to offer his many years of experience in the leather industry to the organisation.  Various employees of our company have given presentations and taken part in IULTCS conferences over the years as we see this as a very important way to support the leather industry as a whole. Our industry faces so much negative opposition from a misinformed media and so called “fake news”, therefore it is only by members of our industry standing together as one, that we can demonstrate that leather is a valuable, cost effective, environmentally sound product and a logical material for the designers and manufactures of today and the future. Being an active supporter and participant of IULTCS is the perfect way to show that ATC is fully committed to the leather industry.