Leather Chemicals from LANXESS

Chemicals from LANXESS are used in tanneries throughout the world. Our portfolio comprises virtually every type of product required for the efficient and sustainable manufacture of high-quality leather and covers all stages of the manufacturing process, from the beamhouse and the wet end right through to the finishing. It includes specialties for the beamhouse operations, inorganic and synthetic tanning materials, preservatives, fatliquoring agents, dyestuffs, pigments and tanning and finishing auxiliaries. We are driven by a consistent focus on innovation and quality leadership. Through the development and introduction of efficient and environment-friendly technologies we can support our customers in their endeavors to ensure the sustainability and future viability of the leather industry.

If you want to create genuine added value for the leather industry today, you have to offer more than just an outstanding product portfolio. LANXESS has decades of experience in the manufacture of leather chemicals and comprehensive technical expertise. We work together with our customers to develop new production technologies, optimize production processes and draw up custom-made systems solutions. Combined with on-site support we enable our customers to keep one step ahead of the competition.

LANXESS Deutschland GmbH

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