TEGEWA was established in 1951 in Wiesbaden as an association of the manufacturers of chemicals, the name being an amalgam of these key activities: “TExtilhilfsmittel” (textile auxiliaries), “GErbstoffe” (tanning agents) and “WAschrohstoffe” (detergent raw materials).

By now, the TEGEWA Association comprises of manufacturers of the following:
Textile, paper, leather and fur auxiliaries and colourants, surfactants, complexing agents, antimicrobial agents, polymeric flocculants, cosmetic raw materials, pharmaceutical excipients and allied products.

The association represents 108 members, enterprises from all branches of the chemical industry.


Service to members

  • Generic advice on complex industry specific questions or matters of major interest

  • Representation of joint interests to authorities and organisations in Berlin and Brussels

  • Development of a network of branch representatives and organisations whose professional expertise is utilised in discussions and finding solutions to problems both at national and European level

  • Assistance during the implementation of national and European regulations and directives: through the initiation of projects, the production of guidelines, the provision of up-to-date information and much more

  • Identifying and reviewing current attitudes and topics relevant to the industry

  • Production of information leaflets for the company’s internal use or for use as teaching materials in schools


Work Group “Leather Auxiliaries and Colourants”

Much of the Associations’ work is based on the know-how of its members, which is pooled and utilised by the TEGEWA management in more than twenty internal bodies, one of which is dedicated to leather auxiliaries and colourants. TEGEWA members have taken great efforts to contribute to the more environmentally friendly treatment and improving of hides and skins and significantly increase the productivity of the operational processes and the quality of the final products.

TEGEWA is a member of the German chemical industry association (VCI) and its management and member companies utilise the network of sector associations, the VCI and the European chemical industry council Cefic. In addition, TEGEWA maintains close ties with the European and national associations of the consumer industry.

TEGEWA Members