Dr Michael Meyer

Dr. Michael Meyer studied biology at the University of Freiburg specialising in zoology, microbiology and genetics. In 1994 he acquired his diploma in the field "Toxicity and mutagenicity of waste water of the textile industry before and after treatment in sewage plant simulations".

Thereafter, he attended postgraduate studies in process engineering at the Technical University of Freiberg and finished them as graduate engineer in 1997.

With his dissertation about "Thermo-mechanical solubilisation of collagen from bovine hide" he graduated as Doctor of Chemistry at the Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry of the Technical University of Dresden in 2002.

From 1994 to 1998 Dr. Michael Meyer was employed in several companies, last as head of the product development department of the Häcker GmbH, where he was engaged in developing new adhesives based on gelatine.

Since 1998 Dr. Michael Meyer is scientific assistant at the Research Institute for Leather and Plastic Sheeting gGmbH (FILK) in Freiberg and he is managing research projects in the development of new products and technologies in the field of leather and collagen.

He is specialist for:

§  Analytical methods for the characterisation of collagen and gelatine (e. g. SEC-MALS of aqueous solutions of collagen and gelatine)

§  Processing of collagen by thermo-plastic methods, into pastes and by the use of solutions

§  Manufacturing, processing and modification of gelatines

§  Technologies of processing byproducts of tanning process


In 2001 he took the lead of the department of leather and biopolymers of the FILK and was appointed to lecture about "Manufacturing of leather and gelatine" at the University of Freiberg.

Dr. Michael Meyer is author of 5 patent applications and numerous scientific publications. He is member in the VGCT (German association of tannery chemistry and tanning equipment) and in the team "auxiliary agents for the tanning industry" of TEGEWA (German association of additives manufacturers).