Dr Dietrich Tegtmeyer

Professional career:  
1978  high school examination / Hölderlin Gymnasium Köln Mülheim
1987  Diploma Chemist / Rheinische Friedrichs Wilhelm Universität Bonn
1989 PhD / University Witten Herdecke - "Investigations with Differential Electrochemical Mass Spectroscopy (DEMS)“

1989            Start at Bayer AG as head of permeation pilot plant (ultrafiltration/reverse osmosis)
1993-1995   Investment controlling and assistant of head of Business Group Dyestuff / Bayer
1996-1999   Head R&D Organic Pigments & Dyestuffs Specialty Products Division / Bayer Corp., USA
1999-2002   Head Development Department Specialty Products Division / Bayer
2002-2005   Vice President Marketing Business Unit Leather / Bayer
2005-2014   Vice President Product Development and Application Business Unit Leather / Lanxess
2014-dato   Vice President Industry Relations / Global Product Development Crusting Business Unit Leather / Lanxess

Industry functions:

2009-2013        Executive Board Member of Leather Working Group
2012-dato         Board member of German Association for Tanning Chemistry and -Technology (VGCT)
2014-dato         Board member TEGEWA (Chemical Industry Association), since 2016 deputy CEO
2009-2013        Chairman R&D Commission / International Union for Leather Technology and Chemists   Societies (IULTCS)
2013-2015        Vice President IULTCS
2015-2017        President IULTCS



Other activities:

2011 und 2013 Deputy Germany in  UNIDO Leather Panel 2014 und 2016 Jury Member of the "Tannery of the Year“ Award