About the Host VGCT

VGCT – Leather Competence Network

The Verein für Gerberei-Chemie und -Technik (VGCT), the national equivalent to IULTCS was founded in 1949 and will celebrate its 70th anniversary by the time the XXXV IULTCS International Congress will take place in 2019 in Dresden, Germany.

With more than 300 members, individuals as well as enterprises connected to the industry, the VGCT e. V. is one of the largest in the whole of Europe. It provides an active and vital platform where leather technicians, engineers , chemists, leather maker and many more professions meet to support scientific and technological research, exchange their expertise and experience and to enhance vocational training 

VGCT – Meeting Point of the Industry

In 2012 the host, VGCT, and its co-organizer FILK (Freiberg Leather Institute), started to develop a new meeting place for its members and its European neighbors. By now the FREIBERG LEATHER DAYS have become a well-established platform for the European tanning and leather industry drawing yearly well over 200 participants from all over the continent.


VGCT – International

The VGCT fosters close relations to its European neighbour associations and other industry bodies. In providing expertise and advise of its members it contributes to the harmonisation of standards and requirements within the European industry. Delegates of VGCT are actively enganged in European and international committees, e. g. IULTCS.