Facts on Germany

Social Life in Germany


Germany is a safe country to travel and live in. It is famous for its poets and thinkers, but also for its special food like full grain bread, sausages like Bratwurst, various dishes with potatoes and finally German beer.

The landscape is versatile, with lots of forests, rivers, hills and mountain chains and two coasts in the North. It is situated in the heart of Europe, sharing direct borders with Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Denmark.

DOs - what Germans like

  • To be on time

  • Shaking hands

  • Waste seperation

  • Tap water (which is consumable but cannot be ordered in restaurants)

  • Paying cash (have cash with you, some smaller restaurants or shops may not take credit cards)

  • Using public transport as busses, trams, trains or taxi


DON´Ts - what Germans do not like

  • Do not cross the road when traffic lights are red

  • It is a criminal offense to be drunk and drive

  • Drunk in public is frowned upon

  • It is a criminal offense to show the “Nazi salute” or shout “Heil Hitler”

Enjoy your stay in Germany.

Basic Data

Size357,386 km²
Population83 millions
Area code+49

Tips for Tips

For waiters and taxi drivers~10 %
For room service~2 € per day

Daily Life

Opening Hours of Supermarkets


Most shops, except of petrol stations and some bakeries, are closed on Sundays.


Emergency calls

Fire brigade/Ambulance112