Day Two - Wednesday 26th of June 2019

Traditionally, the scientific lecture programme is opened with the Heidemann Lecture, a key note presentation preferably on a topic related to fundamental collagen research. The Heidemann Lecture is held in memory of Professor Dr Eckhardt Heidemann (1925-1999), who made significant practical contributions to the science of leather manufacture and he held a lifelong interest in the structure and properties of the collagen molecule. It is typical for the Host Society to invite a high profile guest lecturer this. For the XXXV IULTCS Congress the host society choose:

Professor Kheng Lim Goh

Research leader of the “Advanced Composite Research Group” at the Newcastle University in Singapore and Newcastle Research and Innovation Institute Singapore (NewRIIS) and associated Professor to these institutions.

With his presentation titled “As tough as leather: Macro to nano scale perspectives of collagen stability” he discussed findings related to the higher-order assemblies. The conventional understanding of the collagenous fibre-like structures—embedded in a hydrated ground substance—in connective tissue finds an analogy to engineering fibres reinforcing composite materials such as carbon fibre reinforced polymer composites. He also gave a fresh look at the degree of collagen fibril alignment in tissue and impetus to rethinking the mechanics of cross-linking between fibrils.

In the course of day two participants were presented with an intensive lecture programme. Altogether 2 key notes, 14 oral presentations and 5 speed science presentations were on stage. Several presentations during the day centred around the use of biobased materials for production of leather and leather chemicals. Substituting fossil fuel based raw materials in leather chemistry, this is seen as an important mega-trend within the industry and all of the major global leather chemical producers are now looking to develop new ranges of products which have a lower environmental impact and improve the product life cycle performance of leather.

After the substantial lecture programme, the participants awaited the Elbe River Cruise Night, which took them up-stream along the Elbe River valley with vineyards, several castles and exclusive residential areas. Heading back into Dresden at sunset, a magnificent view of the historical silhouette of Dresden was offered to the participants. The boat trip was much enjoyed after a long and intensive day.