Welcoming address

IULTCS president

Dear members of IULTCS and leather technologists and chemists,

As all of you know, the leather industry and leather chemical industry are under great pressure from environmental issues, different society perspectives and attacks because of misleading information. IULTCS is a very important organization that can provide scientific-based reliable information and pro-actively promote innovative technology by holding international Congresses. 

One thing I have learned from experienced and extraordinary talented IULTCS people is that we can make an influence only through participation and we can make a change only through influence. I encourage and welcome all IULTCS members to participate in the upcoming IULTCS Congresses and Conferences (2019 Dresden in Germany, 2021 Addis Ababa in Ethiopia).

The IULTCS International Congress is an institution when it comes to leather science and technology. Being on the European continent gives us the chance to enlarge the circle of participants especially from downstream industries, major European car manufacturers, upholstery and shoe industry and global Europe based brands and retailer. This would add a broader view to all groups of participants and provide for an extended dialogue.

As for the setting of the Congress my German colleagues made an excellent choice. I think, everyone in the industry is looking forward to it and so do I. Though, our Indian and Brazilian colleagues raised the bar fairly high, I expect our host, VGCT, to organize an excellent event to the benefit of our industry.

Kind regards

Thomas Yu
IULTCS president

VGCT president

Dear colleagues of the World Family of Leather Science and Technology,

It is a great pleasure and honor at the same time to announce the XXXV International Congress of IULTCS to be held in Dresden, Germany, in June 25–28, 2019. By then it will be nearly 25 years since the last congress was held in my home country making it very special to me to be part of the organization and the conduct of this significant event during my career.

As a leather professional, working for more than 30 years in the industry, I am still fascinated by the material leather and its basic matrix collagen. Its complexity, diversity and exclusivity are still unique to me. Having been through so many processes of adaption, especially since the late 19th century, the leather industry has transformed into a highly developed, technology-driven and sophisticated sector today ensuring continued existence. Leather and collagen have become high-tech materials in many of their fields of application.

Throughout time courage, dedication and persistence in research and development have led to innovations as the base for constant improvement with regard to material properties, efficient technologies and sustainable processes. Care for our environment, human health, the consumption of non-renewable resources, wastewater treatment and usage of by-products and waste guide our common actions. It is my deepest conviction that leading the industry into the next decade this will continue to be the case. Science and technology will be the key-drivers for a successful future of our industry.

The XXXV International Congress of IULTCS is of special significance as it is an excellent occasion to exchange knowledge, experience and expertise with professionals and colleagues from all around the globe to shape our industry for tomorrow. Only in collaborating and sharing on a global scale we will master the challenges of tomorrow and succeed as an industry altogether.

By incorporating the Freiberg Leather Days, an European gathering of the industry, the conference will enrich the field of participants to the leather industry´s customers. With this horizontal integration the congress will be an excellent opportunity to get into dialogue with representatives of upholstery, shoe, automotive and other leather processing industry as well as global brands and retailers.

I trust that this congress will be inspiration and drive for the delegates. On behalf of my colleagues I cordially extend my invitation to get involved and actively participate in the XXXV International Congress of IULTCS to make it a success for all of us!

See you in Dresden, in June 2019.

Kind regards

Martin Heise
VGCT President

Congress President

Dear Leather Community,

The XXXV IULTCS Global Congress will take place in Dresden, Germany, from June 25th–28th, 2019. You can find a great deal of information on this website. We have formed a strong team to ensure that it will be another worthwhile event for the leather research and technical community.

The general theme of the congress is “Benign by Design”, connected with the message: “Leather – a future through science and sustainability”

Sustainability is a paradigm shift in many senses, it will take generations to implement a true change; it is not a quick program that lasts only a few years. Many things have been done and achieved already today. However, further new R&D ideas and true, sometimes disruptive  innovation are extremely important to safeguard our industry for a sustainable future. A congress like this is the ideal platform to report, discuss and publish research results and to drive such a process. It will be another milestone of the leather innovation process.

The scientific congress will be framed with an interesting social program. It is my believe that such an event is not only important for scientific networking but also has an “educational” aspect. It always helps and broaden the horizon to become familiar with the local culture of a host country and the way of thinking and living in this particular part of the world. A broader horizon stimulates new thinking.

I want to encourage as many stake holders in the leather supply chain as possible as well as the international leather R&D community to attend and/or support this event. Every participant should not hesitate in submitting presentations and papers about their work. Getting the opportunity to have a discussion forum with peers face to face is extremely fruitful and efficient for all discussion partners. I personally have often been inspired during these Congresses by such discussion and information and the benefits have always proven to be worth more than the cost of the trip.

I hope to see and welcome you in Dresden 2019,

Dr. Dietrich Tegtmeyer
IULTCS president and Congress VP