Congress Objectives

The XXXV IULTCS International Congress is supposed to pro­mote the scientific and technological progress in the leather and collagen industry, particularly in the context of a consistent development of a comprehensive concept of “Corporate Social Responsibility” considering all aspects of sustainability equally: environmental protection, human health and social responsibility as well as sustainable management across the industry. In particular, the ex­change between developed industrial nations and emerging / developing countries is a focal point in this process

Furthermore, the Congress is supposed to strengthen a positive awareness of the industry in public, in political spheres and by non-government organizations, opinion leaders and media. The brand “Leather” and its public acceptance shall be enhanced. For this, applying industries such as automotive, up-holstery, fashion & shoes as well as retail and brands will be actively involved in the congress.

The congress is also designed to promote the IULTCS association and the congress host VGCT and encourage other national associations to get engaged by emanating the importance and necessity of the work and effort these international and national industry bodies are providing.

In pursuing these objectives the congress is an ideal meeting place to get involved, discuss and share knowledge and expertise with friends, partners and experts of the world's tanning and leather industry.