Congress Topics

As host of the XXXV IULTCS International Congress we are convinced that only through constant research and development we as an industry will be able to solve today's problems and meet tomorrow's challenges thus ensuring a successful future for the leather industry.

Scientific research is the core for driving a continuous development of best available practices. In taking on the tasks of the future the scientific programme will focus on:


Novelties in fundamental leather and collagen science

  • New findings in structure-property-relations in collagen

  • Determination of species, race and origin of collagen and leather

  • Chemical properties of collagen

Applied Research & Technology

  • Chances and limits of enzymatic technologies

  • Approaches to elimination of restricted substances in the tanning process

  • Potential of automation and sensor systems in the tanning industry

  • Adding function to leather

  • Wastewater treatment and waste management

Enhancing Corporate Responsibility

  • Circulatory systems in the leather industry

  • Lowering the environmental footprint – ambitions and reality

  • Certification systems – how to evaluate and how to compare?

  • Health and safety in the leather industry

Sustainable management

  • Sustainability has its value, but also its price; implementation requires an aligned process of the entire value chain

  • A change of process is only possible, if all stake holders are open for new and innovative solutions